I remember taking my first sewing class way back in 7th grade. We made pillows in the shape of letters, similar to these ones. We also made pillows shaped like airplanes and skateboards with felt appliqued details. I think we also made clothing, like wrap-around skirts, but those weren’t nearly as memorable. It is funny the things that stick with you over the years.

You don’t need a lot of supplies to get started, but I find some are VERY helpful. Buying a sewing kit can get you the basic supplies, but I find some of items aren’t as useful as others. Here is a good reference with descriptions of the basic equipment.

Here is a great article of where to start when teaching sewing lessons to kids and adults.

For my local crafting group, we will be starting with this project with our beginner class, combining some very basic sewing techniques with compiling our own sewing kits.

Here are how some of ours turned out during our workshop!

Envelopeback Pillow Covers are another nice easy place to start.

For our intermediate class, we will be working on making microwavable bowl cozies. I like starting with something interesting, functional, and able to be completed in one session.

These are the ones I made during our workshop. They were really fun and I plan to make a lot more of them. I created a simple pattern for these bowl cozies that can be cut out of card stock on a cricut machine too. Here is a link to the template.

Tote bags are a creative next step allowing the creative use of fabric and textures to make a unique product.

Check out my related Pinterest board for inspiration.

Feel free to join our Facebook Community and share any of your finished projects. It is inspiring to see what everyone is working on, and I am working on creating patches you can earn by sharing