Free Pattern Library

Please enjoy my patterns, and share them with your friends, just please leave my branding in tact. You are free to sell things you make with them as well.

Amigurumi Trees

Fun holiday trees. Leave plain or decorate with beads, earrings, etc…

Indoor Snowball Fight

This is a fun beginner project that can create a fun gift: Temperature-resistant Snowballs that are less likely to damage furniture or leave a soggy mess in the house.

Amigurumi Mushrooms

Very cute for your cottagecore aesthetic, add them to a fall wreath, or just for fun. Easy to get a lot of variety with different yarns, or following the tips to make slight modifications to get different shapes.

Amigurumi Pumpkins

A great way to decorate for fall, or any season.

Amigurumi Candycorn

Create a little Halloween Treat!

Amigurumi Parasprites

Inspired by the parasprites in the My Little Pony fandom. I made a bunch of these and hid them around a convention. Lots of fun to be had causing an infestation!