If you missed me in Woodinville, I hope you made it out for Redmond Pride. It was a really warm day, but we had an amazing time!

I love that so many local communities are starting up their own Pride celebrations and that they are spread out past June. It is important for folks to see that inclusivity and representation extends past urban Seattle. It is also a lot easier to allow our teens to wander a bit with their friends in a community park event than it is in downtown.

I had a great booth location, right next to power, which made it much easier to operate the claw machine. The sun was hot but we had a nice breeze. The tent’s side walls and the misting fan made it quite nice.

I am really happy with how my signage turned out. It was much more relaxing since I didn’t feel like I had to explain what all the information was and how to find it.

I was so busy that I didn’t have time to take a lot of pictures, but I had to grab my phone for this one. It was one of my favorite moments.

I love my little claw machine, it is so much fun to see everyone winning prizes. We did run into one unexpected issue though… when it got up to 85 degrees out, and after nearly 4 hours of constant use, it started struggling to pick things up. I realized that the motor was super hot to the touch, so we shut it down a bit early. I think I will need to add some type of cooling to the unit to avoid this in the future. It seems to be working fine now that it has cooled off, so hopefully there was no permanent damage.

I had more than enough items this time (over 400 items, 100+ were handmade crochet items, including 8 jumbo plushies for the free raffle and 2 jumbo plushies for the event auction).

New Critters

I really enjoyed creating several new critters for Redmond Pride.

I will continue to create new plushies for next year, and hope to see you at future events. Keep an eye out for new patterns on the Free Pattern Library page too!

New Stickers

I have been enjoying making stickers from my plushies as well. We handed out hundreds of free stickers at Redmond Pride as well!

Let me know if you think of any other critters I should make, or if you would like to connect before next year’s pride celebrations. See you all soon!