Real Estate

Real estate has always been a part of my journey. Over the years, we’ve purchased several houses and taken advantage of refinancing opportunities to secure better rates. However, it was my experience assisting my young adult children in their search for affordable housing that sparked a deep interest in exploring available options. I’m immensely proud that both of my adult children now own their own homes, as we’ve helped set them on the path to building generational wealth through property ownership instead of renting.

During my research on affordable housing, I came across the term “Missing Middle Housing.” It refers to a range of housing options that bridge the gap between single-family homes and apartment complexes, including duplexes, manufactured homes, and more.

Motivated by a desire to combat the undeserved stigma surrounding these housing choices and promote increased density in Bothell, WA, I joined BoPop (Bothell People Oriented Places). This group is actively working towards changing zoning regulations and fostering a community where these options are seen as desirable and beneficial.

Moreover, I’m currently undertaking comprehensive training with the diverse range of down-payment assistance options available. Grants and zero-interest loans with deferred payments for up to 30 years are just a few examples of the resources out there. Having personally qualified for such a program with our first house, I’m determined to ensure that others are aware of these opportunities. These initiatives are designed to help individuals enter the housing market and avoid being priced out.

What truly amazes me is that, in building my real estate business, I’ve found a way to integrate my passions and hobbies. This approach allows me to connect with new people, cultivate meaningful relationships, and even enjoy shared activities with my clients. It’s a privilege to be able to assist people with one of their most significant decisions and purchases while also indulging in activities that bring me immense joy.

Recognizing that there is still much work to be done in the pursuit of fair housing for all, I am also a member of the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance. Through this alliance, I contribute to the ongoing fight for equality and inclusivity in the realm of housing.