Girl Scouts

I was never a girl scout, but looking back, I really wish I had been. My childhood was chaotic and I think it would have given me a sense of stability. I have discovered girl scouts as an adult and I find a lot of satisfaction in supporting and empowering girls.

I have been working with another troop leader to form some “Starter” troops. We start them up then work with to mentor the new parents into taking over and leading the troops. We are planning to repeat this process each fall to make it easier to help new troops get started. Please reach out to me if you would like more information about our new troops, how to help or to join.

I have been a troop co-leader for a little over 6 years now which has been satisfying, but some of the badges require so much planning that it seems a waste to only use it once, so I am starting a lending library of badge kits.

Since we had a bunch of GoldieBlox that were no longer being played with, I decided to start off with the “Things that Move” Daisy badges, and “Things that Zoom” Brownie badges… Unfortunately, even though I thought I had a bunch of GoldieBlox, it barely made one of each set. It recommends having one set for each 2 scouts, so I really need 4-6 sets for each badge. Apparently during quarantine, due to supply chain issues, GoldieBlox stopped making the kits that I needed anymore, so I found myself making bad decisions on eBay. Ultimately, I am really pleased with how they turned out, and they will continue to benefit multiple troops, including some new Daisy and Brownie troops that I am assisting with their startup.

GoldieBlox Mechanical Engineering Kits ready to test then loan out

If you are local to the northern Seattle/Eastside area and would like to borrow these, please reach out.